Known Issues:

Current Version 1.0.5  

Anticipated Hotfix Release Date: No known issues
(VS2022 is not something I can fix but there is an easy workaround listed below)

If you have a new issue report it here

[Patched 1.0.5] There is an issue affecting Visual Studio 2022 causing it to turn all grey after being moved the easy fix is just to add a tab that you can used to take focus away from the tab and then return it.

[Patched 1.0.4] Visual Studio 2022 flickers frequently.

[PATCHED 1.0.3] Close All Tabs button doesnt reset the save and load buttons. The work around is if you need to load or save your layout after hitting close all tabs then restart the Uni Tabs service before using those functions. This will be fixed in the next update.

Known Unity issue affecting this addon:

There is a Unity UI.Drawing error that affects layouts at times it throws an exception and will affect this addon.
The solution is the same as it would be without Uni Tabs you simply toggle another workflow layout in the top right of Unity.
Then if your using Uni Tabs restart the service.

Latest Public Solution Releases:

Uni Tabs V 1.0.2 : Dock any application in Unity - October 26th 2021