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Uni Tabs allows a user to bind any application to a Unity window effectively making it behave like a native Unity tool. (docking and all that entails)

Say goodbye to ALT-TAB and Taskbar application switching.

Save and load your layout by simply leaving the Uni Tab open or saving a layout with Unitys built in layout tools.

-Watch tutorials or entertainment while working
-Seamlessly edit and create textures and maps
-Seamlessly open and write code
-Seamlessly create and edit 3d objects
-Whatever application you need you can wrap it with Unity Tabs!

Overview & Tutorial Playlist

Technical Details
-Binds any application to a Unity window allowing the user to dock and utilize the application as if it were a native Unity tool.

-Load and save layouts using unitys built in layout tools.
(Note: Saves positional and size data but due to a Unity error a new window must be created so docking is not saved.)

-Works with any application that has a GUI

-Currently only supports single application instances (close all running instances prior to creating a Uni Tab)

-Presists through play and edit mode as well as restarting Unity.

Currently supports: Microsoft Windows If you are on Linux or Mac let me know and Ill see what I can do.

See known issues and report new ones here

File size: 1MB
Latest version: 1.1
Latest release date: March 30, 2022
Supported Unity versions: 2020.3.18 or higher
User Guide

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